Passionfruit and Crochet Braids!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today we’re talking hair. Specifically, my current protective style… crochet braids. I am so enamored with this style. It is easy to do, easy to maintain and a lure for compliments. Pretty much, it’s every girl’s dream style. In addition to sharing my new do, I have a favorite product to include as well.

Janet Collection: Havana Mambo Twist 2X- 4.5packs of hair. 4 black & .5 purple at the nape

Janet Collection: Havana Mambo Twist 2X- 4.5packs of hair. 4 black & .5 purple at the nape

First, the hair. If you’re not familiar, crochet braids consist of any style that uses cornrows (braids secured to the scalp) as a base, and hair attached with a crochet hook and looping method. In my case, the hair attached was pre-styled as twists. Simple, right? Trust me, there are an abundance of YouTube videos to show you the process. In all, it took my friend and I about 2 hours from start to finish. However, that time included wine, sushi, and the occasional dance break.

As far as maintenance goes, there isn’t really much to do. At night I use a silk scarf and satin bonnet to decrease the possibility of frizz overtaking my mane. Other than that, I just tame my edges when necessary, shake, and go. When needed, I condition and oil my scalp and cornrows. That’s it. After having the hair installed for 3 weeks, I decided to unravel the twists for a different look. The level of maintenance required did not change.

**Update: Some of you wanted more specifics and have no problem obliging. I tied my hair with a large scarf at night, twisting the bottom into a loose bun above my head. Then I placed a bonnet over the entire thing. To condition my hair, I used Jane Carter Solution’s revitalizing leave-in conditioner spray. It is a holy grail product, no matter how my hair is styled. To oil my scalp I used a mixture of castor and coconut oils.

***Additionally, if you viewed my previous post then you know that I had a few purple twists in the back. The purple twists began to frizz immediately after install. They were so matted I could only untwist the very ends during my twist out week. Because they could only be seen at ends of the back, I did not mind too much. However, my experience leads me to think that the colored hair would be extremely hard to maintain neatly.

Unraveled= The most epic twist out, ever!

Unraveled= The most epic twist out, ever! The hair is 24″ long.

Which brings me to my holy grail product… Curls passion fruit control paste. This was a questionable purchase at first, then I learned how to use it properly. All of a sudden, life made sense. As a makeup artist, you get used to warming products with your body temperature. (Back of the hand… using fingers to blend… etc.) Do not do this with edge control products. The product will melt before it can serve its purpose. The Curls paste is no exception. Now I apply straight from the jar and blend with a small brush. (**I prefer a soft bristled toothbrush.- Judge me not. Thank you very much.**) You can tie it down with a scarf for a more structured hold, or let it air dry for a more flexible hold. Congratulations, your edges are now on fleek. ( Isn’t that what the children are saying these days?) For $7-9 at your local drugstore or beauty supply store, you get a decent amount of product. It is definitely a new staple in my collection.


Curls Control Paste



Edges slayed!

Overall, I love my low maintenance, protective style. Two hours and some control paste can make life so simple. If you’re in a rut, like I was and just don’t know what to do with your hair. Try these. I am already searching for my next, crochet braid, style. As always, these are my honest opinions and what has worked for me. Let me know, how you feel about crochet styles or the Curls paste.



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